To be a frontline school specializing in need based research and in developing professionals for energy and environmental solutions.


»   To develop and provide world class professionals with excellent analytical, communication skills and ability to work in the field of Energy and Environment.

»  To ensure excellent research work to be competitive internationally and to cater to the needs of local / regional and national significance in the area of energy and environment.

»   Inculcate professional, social and environmental ethics among youths to serve mankind and society.

The Main Objectives of The School

  • To provide trained manpower with strong engineering and R & D capabilities in the energy and environment related areas like
    • Energy efficiency and energy conservation
    • Renewable energy technologies
    • Energy and Environment Audit
    • Energy use and conversion technologies and their impact on environments
    • Energy and environment instrumentation and control systems
    • Cost Benefits analysis of impact of used of conventional and renewable technologies on Environment
    • Socio-Cultural and behavioral aspects of Energy production and environmental changes
    • Environmental Impact Analysis
    • Resource Assessment and Waste Management
  • To provide Auditors/ Managers/Consultants for Energy and Environment.
  • To develop and promote technologies which are closer to natural processes.
  • To provide testing, calibration and third party certification facilities to industries and other organizations in the field of Energy and Environment.
  • To train manpower for developing projects specifically related to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).
  • To undertake R & D and consultancy work in the energy and environment related fields.
  • To introduce to the industry various environment friendly energy efficient technologies and provide help in implementing energy conservation measures.